My name is Esther Kairungu. A second-year student at USIU Africa, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Technology. I joined #GoodKenyan in 2017 as part of the first cohort and the program offered by the foundation played an integral role in my transition to University.

I got to learn the importance of mentorship and having a mentor, which makes me look forward to being a mentor too. The community project that was part of the training enabled me to learn the importance of giving back to society.

The arts and crafts class challenged me on the significance of delivering assigned tasks and delivering them on time. Through class presentations, I enhanced my public speaking and communication skills. The different courses offered have molded me into an all-rounded person. I came out a better person, more open-minded, and ready to conquer the world. Moreover, I had a chance to interact with great women who have done great things in society, this challenged me and motivated me on working hard, by being self-disciplined and never giving up on life.

#GoodKenyan continues to play a big role even after transiting to university. I continue to work closely with the team by being part of the fundraising board committee. Through this, I can interact and learn with great minded individuals.

I would wish to thank the founders for this opportunity and hope that we will continue to work together in mentoring, empowering, and equipping youths for a great tomorrow.

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