My name is Joshua Kairungu Turungi. I joined the Mwanzo program in 2021 to put my free time to good use. What drew me to join the program was the ICT classes. I felt like it would be a good stepping stone toward pursuing a diploma in engineering. I describe the foundation as a place that exposes youth to new skills, ideas, and knowledge that when put to good use can change the trajectory of a person’s life. It is a place that takes you in and feels like home and family.

I am very thankful for the opportunity I got to acquire skills in crafts and entrepreneurship, they opened my mind up to new ideas that have helped me generate some income for myself as I study. I also improve on the skills I gained in the craft classes in the campus workshop where I work on some personal projects during my free time.

The plan I have for my future is to finish my diploma and start working to fully support myself. I also plan on getting an engineering degree in the future and become a prestigious businessman in events and the engineering field.

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