In Kenya, youth ages 15-24 make up 20% of the total population, above the world’s average of 15.8%. Out of an estimated total of 10 million youth, it is estimated that 2.5 million are unemployed, and only five percent enter the formal labor market each year…
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Program Approach & Strategy:

In response to these challenges, Good Kenyan was founded. Established in 2017, Good Kenyan is an organization that aims to mentor, empower and equip high school graduates…
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We exist to transform and empower young adults through training and creation of innovative environmentally friendly products.


To contribute to building a positive and healthy society by transforming and empowering Kenyan youth.

Who We Are .

We are a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 to Equip, Mentor, and Empower Kenyan Youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to transition productively and thrive through projects that cultivate marketable job skills, and career development plans as a launching pad into an actionable self-driven future.
We support disadvantaged youth during the uncertain and challenging time in transition to use their time productively and chart their own future.

Good Kenyan’s vision is aligned to the SDG Goals of Decent work, Economic Growth and No Poverty. It is also working towards Kenya’s Youth Policy that seeks provide an opportunity for improving the quality of life for the youth in Kenya through their empowerment and participation

Watch our students sharing their experiences.

Good Kenyan Foundation is a non profit organisation that mentors,
empowers and equips high school graduates, grouped into cohorts through a
four month program that cultivates marketable job skills and career