Meet Zipporah, a 19-year-old girl from the outskirts of Thika town. She attained an A (minus) in her KCSE but was unable to raise the money to join the university despite being placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). Zipporah expressed high enthusiasm to join the Good Kenyan program despite the long daily commutes that joining the program would mean for her. We reached out to the friends of Good Kenyan and are grateful to a friend of Good Kenyan for supporting her daily bus fare as she was otherwise unable to attend the physical sessions.

Zipporah is a driven and motivated girl who maintains an optimistic approach to life. She hopes to use her education and skills to make a difference in her immediate environment and was a delight to have in the Mwanzo Program. Her dream is to become a perioperative nurse. Through a partnership Good Kenyan made with Akira Chix, a platform that targets to drive the change of the current male-dominated tech space by supporting and mentoring young women.

Zipporah was interested, she applied, went through the selection process, and was successful. She is currently going through a technical training program dubbed codeHive, where she is learning coding and IT skills. She currently hopes to merge her newly gotten skills to bring solutions in the nursing/ medical field.

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