Theory of Change

Good Kenyan delivers on this through the following core activities implemented throughout each four-month cohort cycle:

Objective 1

1. Train and develop skills in personal and small-business financial management, business development and entrepreneurship using a customized curriculum.
2. Train in practice basic computer and internet skills that meet minimum proficiency for multi-sector employment.
3. Develop and build critical thinking skills, self-efficacy and personal growth through life skills training and applied learning.
4. Provide individually tailored career mentorship and life coaching from mentors whose expertise is aligned with the interests of each young person.
5. Identify and match youth with opportunities for continuing education, job placement or seed-funding for cohort graduates bridging their exit of the program into their actionable career plans.

Objective 2

1. Train and produce various stationary and packaging products using recycled textiles and eco-friendly materials including greeting cards, bookmarks, carriers, gifts bags and gift boxes.
2. Provide sale-based financial compensation to youth participating in the social enterprise activities.
3.Provide of need-based transport allowances and meals at the community center during length of the program.

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased economic viability of youth and their households

  • ncreased preparedness of enrolled youth to make decisions, own and drive their life and career

  • ncrease access and uptake of economic and academic opportunities for high school graduates

  • Reduce risk and vulnerability of disadvantaged youth

  • Increase and influence the volunteerism and giving among Kenyan professionals in the youth development sector

  • Develop and grow a community of Good Kenyan graduate alumni that give back to new cohorts for mentorship and other support.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Number of youths who graduated from the Good Kenyan program

  • Number of youth accessing opportunities to further education or employment after graduation

  • % of graduates in school or employed after one year of graduation

  • Number of Mentors engaged and paired with youth

  • Average % change in income earning of youth at enrollment to one year after graduation

  • Average monthly profits generated from Good Kenyan product sales

Results to Date

In just two and half years of operation, the Good Kenyan model is bearing fruit and demonstrating proof of concept. To date 67 youth have undergone the program and these are the some of the results:

90% of 66 youth recruited completed the program, with an average of 13 enrolled per cohort.
380 of the 500 gift boxes produced have been sold
Cards totaling 700 and we managed to sell 400 of that.
Mentorship community has a membership of 70 professional with an additional 50 guest speakers and trainers
3 youth funded to attend college and university programs after graduation from their cohort
5 youth received admission letters to local universities
5 youth employed after graduation from their cohort
Good Kenyan transitioned from a shared space to its own designated community center and office space.